EAST HARTFORD, CT Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. was named an Innovation Center under the MassDevelopment's Manufacturing Innovation Grants program to help the development and growth of small-to-mid-sized Massachusetts manufacturers.

The program is open to Massachusetts manufacturers with 100 or fewer employees in need of expertise and equipment to support product development, prototyping, production processes, cost reduction and other assistance.

“We are proud to be named an Innovation Center as part of MassDevelopment’s Manufacturing Innovation Grants program designed to further the growth of smaller manufacturing companies,” said Elliot Ginsberg, CCAT president and CEO. “As a regional and national resource, CCAT’s Advanced Manufacturing Center in East Hartford, Conn. offers companies customized support with our team of technology professionals and access to the latest equipment for metal additive manufacturing, multi-material 3D printing, and precision machining.”

CCAT is one of four organizations recognized by MassDevelopment as an Innovation Center for the program, and the only Center located outside of Massachusetts. The other Innovation Centers include: Algonquin industries, Inc., Boston Engineering Corporation, and Worcester Polytechnic institute.

“The Manufacturing Innovation Grants program connects growing companies with Innovation Centers to provide affordable access to expertise and equipment — which in turn strengthens the Massachusetts manufacturing sector as a whole,” said Marty Jones, MassDevelopment president and CEO. “These four Innovation Centers have been chosen for their technical expertise and experience working with manufacturing companies.”

Under the program, MassDevelopment will pay the lesser of 75 percent or $75,000 of the cost of a contract between a manufacturing company and the Innovation Center of its choice. Companies will pay the remaining costs and will contract directly with their chosen Innovation Center.

“With our expertise in the aerospace and defense, biomedical, and alternative energy manufacturing sectors and our experience supporting smaller manufacturing companies in the region, we look forward to partnering with MassDevelopment to bolster manufacturing innovation and growth through this exciting new program,” said Ginsberg.

For more information, visit www.ccat.us/mantech.