ULVAC Technologies, Inc. introduced the HELIOT 900 helium leak detector that features a fast pumping speed to detect small leaks quickly, and a simple tablet-style interface that improves productivity.

Fast response time, fast background clean-up and a 7-in. Android touch screen display/controller make the HELIOT a highly productive leak detection system. HELIOT 900 has a very fast pumping speed of 5 l/sec that shortens the time for the helium background to drop. It can detect helium or hydrogen, and several programmable leak test configurations help automate leak test operations. The HELIOT 900 series features a multiple valve design for the highest sensitivity—10-12 Torr-l/s. Internal monitoring of error and alarm conditions detect problems before they can damage the unit. Internal construction is designed for easy maintenance.

The HELIOT 900 helium leak detector is available in five different models and is well suited for applications in the automotive, air conditioning, refrigeration, electronics, semiconductor, industrial and pharmaceutical industries. 

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