Perhaps you were one of the drivers affected by the recall of almost 64 million vehicles last year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 803 vehicle recalls in 2014—and that’s just the automotive industry. ASI_Datamyte

While an estimated 70-80% of top U.S. manufacturers’ vehicles are made from sub-supplier materials, almost every food seems to have faced a recall, whether it’s cantaloupe or macaroni and cheese. (The FDA even has a food safety app.) No matter what industry you’re in, your organization faces the potential of being the next recall in the news.

A recall is the most visible sign of failure, and potentially fatal, whether it’s from salmonella or unintended acceleration. We live in a world with imperfect systems and people, so recalls will not be going away. But how can you lessen the chances that your organization will be one of the affected companies in the future? It’s a balancing act between supporting high quality products, meeting production commitments while also acceding your profitability targets.

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