SKANEATELES, NY — GE’s Measurement & Control business announced the availability of 3D Stereo Measurement for measurement of visual inspection data in power generation, oil and gas and aviation applications.

This advanced visual inspection measurement technology speeds up the inspection process and improves probability of detection. GE’s Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe equipped with 3D Stereo Measurement generates a 3D surface map of measurement cursor points, allowing inspectors to check their work in real time and ensure accurate measurement setup. This level of measurement accuracy is difficult or even impossible to match using 2D technology.

Download GE’s 15-page 3D Measurement E-book to learn more about 3D Stereo Measurement and how it can improve the accuracy of common video borescope measurement applications.

“3D Stereo Measurement allows inspectors in the field to check their measurement setup and cursor placement with an interactive, 3D point cloud visualization,” said Tom Ward, senior product manager for GE Measurement & Control. “This additional data view can help inspectors avoid costly measurement errors and false indications.”

3D Stereo Measurement is available on the Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe for the 4 mm, 6 mm and 8.4 mm diameter probe diameters. The measurement technology is particularly well suited to measurement of reflective surfaces, or applications where side-by-side comparison of live video and 3D visualization is preferred.

“In many cases a 2D image does not provide enough information to absolutely ensure the measurement setup is correct,” said Ward. “3D technology significantly improves inspection accuracy, speed and most importantly, the confidence that a critical asset can remain in operation.”

A 3D point cloud helps inspectors identify and measure the true depth of an indication at its deepest point.

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