PROVIDENCE, RI — In response to increased demand for custom gaging solutions for dimensional metrology, Mahr Federal has established a special team within its engineered products division to augment custom gage development directly with customers. Operating worldwide from a number of facilities, the MarSolutions Engineered Metrology Team will help customers analyze the gaging requirements of their application, then design and build a customized gaging solution to meet those requirements.

"Manufacturers often spend endless time searching catalogs and web pages without finding just the right gage for their job," said Paul Mailloux, MarSolutions product manager. "They may also be unfamiliar with the options available to measure various critical dimensions. One benefit of our MarSolutions Engineered Metrology Team is that we can help manufacturers determine how, when and why to do their gaging."

As a member of the Mahr Group, Mahr Federal has over 150 years of experience providing precise and accurate solutions for applications in dimensional metrology. Mahr Engineered Metrology offers a range of customization from standard gage and standard elements custom assemblies to full custom gage design with manual, semi-automatic or fully automated operation, depending on application requirements.

Multiple facilities provide worldwide presence and local support, providing access to Mahr's evolving library of application expertise and customizable technology. In-house design provides quick response, fast turnaround, and a long-term commitment to maintenance and support. MarSolutions can help develop gaging systems for the most demanding applications.

"There are many reasons to justify the need for a custom gage solution," said Mailloux. "Gages may fail to meet the required GR&R; environmental conditions may limit accuracy; or gages may simply be inadequate for the needs of the application. You may need to check surface finish deep inside a bore, measure several features on a single part, or require some degree of automation to keep up with high volume production and control costs. Whatever the reason, customized precision gages can reduce measurement time, improve measurement quality, and add value to a manufacturing process."

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