CUMMING, GA — FocalSpec Inc., a supplier of optical 3D surface measurement systems with sub-micron level resolution, announced the offering of its 3D Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) sensors to systems integrators to fulfill a need currently not met and further enhance the ability to respond to the demanding marketplace.

FocalSpec LCI sensors can be integrated into both on-line and standalone 3D-scanning systems. The new sensors simultaneously acquire 2,000 3D surface points and offer resolution of up to 100 nanometers (0.004 mil) at the maximum rate of 2,500 scans per second, dependent on sensor model and settings. The maximum length of the measurement profile line is 16.4 mm (0.63”). It provides a non-contact measurement of surface profile, 3D dimensions, surface roughness/shark skin, surface melt fracture, seal integrity, flatness, single/multilayer thickness, air gaps, offsets, etc. on hard-to-measure parts, components and assemblies. This 3D-scanning technology is able to quickly, reliably and precisely measure highly reflective, mirror-like, transparent, porous and high-contrast surfaces and materials. It works well on all surfaces and all colors without speckle effect.

The first of several key players in the consumer electronics market has established a standard around our technology.

Current applications include, but are not limited to: film, tubing, printed electronics, semi-conductors, printed circuit boards, medical devices, microfluidic devices, lenses, glass and polymer sheet, touch panels, high-contrast assemblies, and more.

This campaign kicks off with FocalSpec exhibiting at the IEEE SENSORS in Orlando, FL.

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