MINNEAPOLIS — Stratasys announced its Expert Services Group, which was designed to help manufacturers build their additive manufacturing strategy and workflow, to gain the benefits of 3D printing for improved production processes.

Manufacturers are looking to make operations leaner and more economical. To help them achieve this, Stratasys expert services focuses on the entire digital manufacturing ecosystem, including 3D printing, automation and manufacturing digitization.

Stratasys Expert Services’ goal is to help clients:

• Define the full potential value that additive manufacturing creates across an entire enterprise.

• Create value by providing and developing the required technical and managerial expertise.

• Deliver that value by managing the supply chain to make parts that meet stringent requirements.

A full portfolio of services is offered by a Stratasys team of technical and commercial professionals. The services are designed to accelerate the capture of benefits from additive manufacturing across all stages of technology adoption and across all vertical markets. The group has the capability to manage enterprise-wide additive manufacturing programs for clients and to deliver specific technical or commercial support for a single project.

The consulting group is led by Dr. Phil Reeves, who has more than 20 years of experience delivering and managing consulting services in the additive manufacturing Industry.

“The Expert Services team is driven by people who know both traditional manufacturing and additive manufacturing well,” said Reeves. “We can support companies across the entire maturity spectrum from the novice first looking to assess the technology, right through to a highly experienced multinational that has decided to scale up its use of additive manufacturing.”

Services include opportunity evaluation, to determine where and how 3D printing can add value; data analysis to find waste, bottlenecks, and inventory that could be removed with 3D printing; technology mapping to determine feasibility of 3D printing for production; strategy development to maximize 3D printing profitability through capital investment planning and supply chain development; design optimization, to exploit the design freedoms of 3D printing via subcontract design service; safety and environmental management; and production quality management.

Additive Manufacturing industry professionals attending AMUG 2017 are invited to attend a 30-minute informational session with Reeves to learn how Stratasys Expert Services can help their companies. Reeves will discuss the journey that companies need to take to fully integrate additive manufacturing into their operations, from assessing the suitability of 3D printing, to establishing a profitable supply chain. The event is from 1:30-2 p.m. April 21, room 4M, 4th Floor.

Register to download an eBook written by Dr. Phil Reeves, PhD Manufacturing Engineering. This eBook explains the business benefits and strategic value of 3D printing and how this technology has the power to radically improve your business. You’ll learn how accelerating speed, empowering innovation, improving financial performance, and creating customized or even personalized solutions are expected to create enormous growth trends for the future.

For more information, visit www.stratasys.com