Verisurf Software, Inc. continues to build on its strategic partnership with InspectionXpert, developer of InspectionXpert® OnDemand and the all new QualityXpert®, Web-based quality platform.  Verisurf best-in-class measurement and reporting solutions are integrated into both applications, which provide today’s quality engineers with the power, flexibility and efficiency they require.

New QualityXpert is a shop floor quality platform designed to consolidate, organize and manage inspection data, quality reporting, SPC, gage data and more, across the manufacturing enterprise; all on a single, secure Web-enabled platform. QualityXpert user-centric and was developed with the close support and testing of Ultra Machining Company (UMC).

InspectionXpert OnDemand 2.0 is an updated browser-based, OnDemand version of the popular InspectionXpert software.  It is a practical solution designed to provide shops with efficient quality verification and reporting, whether the design authority is 2D drawings or 3D digital CAD models.  InspectionXpert OnDemand addresses the realities of manufacturing processes and supporting documentation, especially for shops who deal with multiple customers and varying types of input.    Now it is easy to effectively produce and implement automated 3D measurement plans and first article inspection reports, regardless of the supplied design authority format. By being browser-based and OnDemand, the software offers an optimum combination of security, desktop functionality and Web-serviced flexibility – easy access, instant updates and easy deployment.

Verisurf Software drives all coordinate measuring machines and 3D scanners, and includes Verisurf SOLIDS, a complete 3D solid modeling application, as well as productivity features designed to streamline data capture, analysis and reporting.   InspectionXpert provides powerful data extraction, ballooning, and reporting tools for quickly capturing and interpreting dimensional information from 2D drawings. The integration of Verisurf and InspectionXpert allow quality inspectors to efficiently handle the common occurrence of inspection dimensions and notes that are only available in a 2D drawing, such as PDF or TIFF files.  InspectionXpert brings together and automates 2D and 3D inspection, reducing data entry errors and saving manufacturers significant time and money producing first article inspection reports.

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