Sierra-Olympic Technologies introduces the affordable Viento-GT, an easy-to-use, thermographically calibrated thermal camera. Available in two form factors, enclosed or split board, the feature-rich ther-mal imager is available with either 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 pixel resolution. The Viento-GT is a highly reliable, high resolution and low-cost thermal imager that can deliver thermographically calibrated digi-tal data for every pixel. The camera is easy to power and control via a single Ethernet cable using the Gig-E Vision® and Power over Ethernet (PoE) standards.

Applications include temperature measurement, aka thermography, real-time process monitoring, non-destructive testing (NDT), hot-spot detection, bio and medical imaging, industrial inspection, quali-ty control and assurance. With proprietary image contrast enhancement (ICE) and a wide array of lens options, the compact, low-power Viento-GT is ideal for thermal monitoring applications where afforda-bility and high performance are key considerations.

Sierra-Olympic Technologies