WASHINGTON — The National Association of Manufacturers announced new 2018 leadership for its Council of Manufacturing Associations (CMA) with Chris Jahn, president of The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), serving as chair.

Kimberly Korbel, executive director of the American Wire Producers Association, will serve as vice chair. Made up of more than 260 industry-specific manufacturing associations, the CMA is a powerful assembly of manufacturers and a vital arm of the NAM.

“With Chris at the helm, the CMA is ready to make 2018 another historic year for manufacturers,” said NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons. “At a time of disruptive change in Washington and in our industry, the role of this powerhouse alliance of manufacturing associations is more consequential than ever. Americans are eager to see even more manufacturing growth in this country, and the CMA’s work is essential to achieving that goal—by mobilizing manufacturing supporters and providing associations with the innovative tools needed for success in a constantly evolving political environment. I’m looking forward to working with Chris in the year ahead, as we bring manufacturers together to secure more progress in 2018, particularly on core issues like infrastructure investment, further regulatory reforms and workforce development.”

The CMA’s mission is focused on bolstering the industry’s nationwide grassroots mobilization efforts and improving the competitiveness of manufacturers in the United States. CMA members work with the NAM to unite the manufacturing community, and ultimately the broader business community, around strategies for increased manufacturing job creation, investment and innovation in America.

TFI is the leading voice of the nation’s fertilizer industry, and its membership includes fertilizer producers, wholesalers, retailers and trading firms. TFI’s full-time staff, based in Washington, D.C., serves its members through legislative, educational, technical, economic information and public communication programs.

Jahn previously served as vice chair of the CMA, and Korbel previously served as first vice chair of the CMA. For more information, visit www.nam.org.