AUBURN HILLS, MI — Marposs acquired Tecna Ltd., a leak testing solutions provider.

Established in 1983 in the “medical district” of Mirandola, Italy, Tecna solutions verify the integrity of products after molding, die-casting, soldering, gluing or assembly with a focus on components produced for the medical industry.

Tecna's product offerings employ various techniques to detect flow and leakage including absolute pressure decay, differential pressure decay, direct measure of leak flow or in-chamber pressure variation. Products can be tested using air or nitrogen, according to various testing methods, as appropriate. Tecna brands for the medical field include the Provaset family of leak testing solutions; the Delta, or the Metal Plate Holder for testing the integrity of plastic bags. Additionally, the company offers Dosaset, a dispenser for cyclohexanone or similar solvents used for manual bonding of plastic medical equipment, tubes and joints.

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