Marposs Corporation has acquired the majority share of Digital Strategy Innovation (DSI), a start-up company and specialist in applied research in AI, big data and data analysis located in Venice, Italy. 

Founded in 2020 within the Ca' Foscari University of Venice and supported by VeniSIA, the university's innovation and sustainability accelerator, Digital Strategy Innovation provides consulting services in the IT field, in the integration of digital systems and services and sensors. It acts as an intermediary between academic and the industrial sector, working with companies such as Electrolux, Microtec and others.

Given its operating environment with the academic world, DSI has been able to quickly develop a wide portfolio that also includes the design and integration of sensors used to power the machine learning platforms.

For Marposs, the acquisition of Digital Strategy Innovation provides a cutting-edge development environment where the company can perfect new projects in parallel and complementary sectors to those in which it already operates. The combination of the expertise of DSI's researchers and the Marposs experience and global presence will enable Marposs to accelerate the development of innovative solutions, particularly in the field of E-Mobility and the improvement of digital platform and data process services, enabling it to enhance its portfolio of advanced technological solutions for customers.

This investment is part of a broader investment strategy of Marposs Group focused on accelerating innovation by acquiring and developing investments in new technologies. Since 2000, the company has acquired nearly 30 companies, significantly expanding its technical capability and product offerings for existing and new markets including machine tools, E-mobility, medical devices, semi-conductor, aerospace, glass, and more.

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