LONDON, UK — Element Materials Technology completed the formal rebranding and integration of all Exova laboratories in the aerospace sector.

The group has united its full aerospace team into one sector, serving customers in North America, Europe and Asia with the provision of highly technical materials and product qualification testing, including engines, major mechanical components and systems. During the integration process, dedicated project managers supported local teams in making the necessary changes to all aspects of a laboratory’s operation, and each rebrand was completed in a three-month window. Accreditation bodies, customers, and other stakeholders were fully liaised with throughout the process to ensure they all had confidence in the changes being made.

Laboratories that have undergone a rebrand include those in Toulouse, France, Lancaster, UK, Pilsen, Czech Republic and across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

Rick Sluiters, EVP aerospace at Element, commented, “Over the last few years, we have invested heavily in growing Element’s aerospace testing presence and the acquisition of Exova brought us considerable strength in Europe in particular. Together, this means that we are now able to provide our aerospace customers and their suppliers with a single source provider for both materials testing and non-destructive testing services across the world.”

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