COBHAM, SURREY, UK — Hexagon AB acquired ProCAM Srl, an Italian distributor of CAD CAM solutions and complementary software.

Founded in 1995, ProCAM is a reseller of the Edgecam and Radan solutions from the Hexagon-owned CAD CAM solution specialist Vero Software. ProCAM joins Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division and will operate within the Vero organization.

Initially established as a dedicated reseller of Edgecam, ProCAM has expanded its offering to include Radan as well as complementary packages in the production software space. Headquartered in Padova, Italy, the company employs 15 people and supports an extended network of sub-resellers serving the wider Italian market.

“The Italian market is important to Vero and our future ambitions, so establishing a direct presence with the acquisition of ProCAM is an important step. In more than two decades of working together, ProCAM has proven to be an extremely competent reseller with deep insight into the requirements of our customers. Managing our sales channels in Italy locally rather than remotely will be a great benefit to Vero, our partners and our customers,” said Steve Sivitter, CEO of Vero Software.

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