TCI Precision Metals has increased its workforce by 15% over the last six months. This is in response to increasing awareness and preference for the company’s value-added line of Machine-Ready Solutions; designed to help shops increase throughput of production machining jobs without adding equipment or additional overhead.

“We help shops improve throughput by as much as 25% by eliminating material prep work (cutting, milling, grinding, and squaring),” said Ben Belzer, President and COO of TCI Precision Metals. “The customer receives Machine-Ready material that arrives ready to go directly from receiving into their machining centers.”

Based on customer demand the company’s core product offering of custom Machine-Ready Blanks has expanded to include Feature-Added Blanks, designed to deliver shops near-net Machine-Ready Blanks that include one or more features. The service eliminates the need for material prep and can include drill, bore, turn, mill, rough and hog out features as specified. “The productivity value alone that shops are realizing from our value-add solutions is fueling our growth,” said Mr. Belzer.

TCI Precision Metals is a, wholesale, Machine-Ready Metals Distributor for Alcoa, Kaiser and Hulamin Aluminum, including 6061, 2024 or 7075 aluminum plate and sheet, stainless steel plate and several other alloys; stocking over 500,000 lbs. of material for quick turnaround on customer requirements.

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