Vision Engineering Ltd will unveil a globally patented, digital 3D stereoscopic display technology.

Vision Engineering’s DRV (Deep Reality Viewer) creates stereo high definition 3D images without using a monitor, or requiring operators to wear headsets or specialist glasses: images ‘float’ in front of a mirror.

DRV offers users the well-known Vision Engineering advantages of ergonomics and optimized user interfaces, while ensuring full interaction with other local or remote users and other tools/PC’s or complementary analytical equipment.

Vision Engineering anticipates that this unique, first-to-market device will be particularly valuable to organizations that model and test components in 3D, as well as facilitating improvements in manufacturing processes such as PCB inspection and reworking. DRV has the particular advantage for multi-site companies of offering real time, full HD 3D stereo images to multiple users in different locations at the same time (commonly known as “daisy chaining”).

Manufacturing companies have tried to exploit the potential offered to them by consumer driven technological trends in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D polarized/shutter glass viewing. Along with the advantages of these breakthrough technologies, they have experienced substantial drawbacks in sensory isolation, disorientation and resolution.

Modern manufacturing techniques involve multi-site communicability in real time. The latest trends of A.I. the I.o.T and the cascade effect of Blockchain require information to be accessible to multiple users, at the same time, with the same fidelity.

Developed to address quality control and production requirements in sectors including electronics, aerospace, automotive and medical industries, DRV offers full, real time transferability of information to multi-site manufacturers, designers or users of multi-tier development and logistic capabilities.

DRV carries on the company’s 60 year long tradition of creating ergonomic, high quality visual inspection and metrology systems that reduce operator fatigue and improve accuracy, consistency and productivity, but, critically, exploits modern digital capability to communicate across substantial distances.

Using Vision Engineering’s globally patented TriTeQ3 digital 3D display technology, the DRV Z1 (Zoom model 1) incorporates a zoom microscope module and is the first device of its class to be launched by the manufacturer.

DRV Z1 is designed to advance the quality control and production process, by enabling operators to view magnified subjects in 3D, in unprecedented detail, without the need for additional viewing apparatus.

Commenting on the technological breakthrough, Paul Newbatt, Vision Engineering’s Sales and Marketing Director said, “TriTeQ3 blends Vision Engineering’s long-established, industry-proven and award-winning optical stereoscopic technologies and digital technologies. DRV Z1 delivers a techno-logical breakthrough, and is a game changer for inspection and quality control processes.”

Mark Curtis, managing director of Vision Engineering said, “Over the past 60 years Vision Engineering has built its reputation on the innovation, quality, performance and ergonomics of our visual inspection and metrology systems. DRV Z1 provides enhanced 3D visualization and overcomes cur-rent problems with 3D modelling and inspection systems. By amalgamating our existing technologies, we’ve delivered an entirely new concept to our existing customer base, as well as opening up opportunities in fresh markets.”

Highlights • Unique deep reality viewer enables stereoscopic 3D viewing with vivid depth perception, at UHD resolution, without requiring special eyewear or VR headsets • Developed to address QC and QA requirements in electronics, automotive engineering, aerospace industries and all precision engineering applications • Break-through technology from the inventors of the award-winning ergonomic Mantis microscopes: the original and best • First of its class • An amalgamation of Vision Engineering’s award-winning optical stereoscopic and digital technologies resulting in stereo digital images • Ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue and promotes productivity and accuracy • Enables remote viewing of dynamic 3D images in in stereo full HD • Enables improved accuracy in manufacturing processes such as deburring and reworking • DRV Z1 is the first in series of innovative 3D stereo full HD resolution viewing systems, based on Vision Engineering’s patented TriTeQ3 technology.

The DRV Z1 will be launched in North America in June. Several launch sites have been selected and details of this launch will follow. For more information, visit