ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. unveiled Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence, a next-generation factory optimization Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform solution. Created by the Company that has produced more than 23,000 automation systems over the past 40 years, Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence uses real-time machine performance data to increase throughput, improve uptime, decrease cost and boost quality on your factory floor – enabling agile data-to-decision, in minutes.

All Equipment, All the Time

Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence provides powerful insights on the essential machines, lines, cells and processes that propel manufacturing business. It works on all manufacturers’ equipment, and because it features visual KPIs, business intelligence analytics, and robust reporting capabilities, Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence gives operators and managers a live, multi-layered data view of equipment performance for operational insight and analysis, anytime, anywhere.

Rapid Troubleshooting

Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence enables operators to quickly and accurately troubleshoot and share process and product issues/solutions, prevent downtime through proactive equipment maintenance, drive greater operational efficiency, and unlock performance for sustainable production improvements. It quickly pinpoints where to focus resources to have the maximum effect on line throughput.

Scalable, Flexible, Secure

Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence is scalable, modular, flexible and mobile. It meets the needs of each unique manufacturing environment, regardless of the types of equipment running, the number of lines, or manufacturing footprint. Data is accessible on a secure, web-based platform.

ATS Automation