WENZEL Group announces its close technological and commercial partnership with Metrologic Group.  Metrologic Group software solutions are available in a version adapted to WENZEL CMM and Portable Measuring Arms with a focus on universality, performance and point cloud inspection. 

The goal of this strategic partnership is to provide WENZEL customers and end users with software solutions suited for WENZEL measuring equipment, based on joint technical expertise with Metrologic Group. WENZEL CMMs and Portable Measuring Arms can now take full advantage of Metrolog X4, Silma X4 as well as the Portable Arm dedicated solution, Metrolog EVO. For WENZEL customers and end-users, this means advanced 3D measurement capabilities, best-in-class point cloud module, robust offline programming & simulation tools, faster measuring cycles and renowned technical support to make the most of their WENZEL measuring system and streamline their 3D inspection process.

Metrologic Group software solutions are optimized for WENZEL machines, so that an excellent integration in between machine, controller and software is taken into account to the benefit of the end-user.

WENZEL customers willing to upgrade their software to Metrolog X4, Silma X4 or Metrolog EVO, will be able to do so using directly a WENZEL controller, WPC, or with the Metrologic Group controller, ME5011. Be it on WENZEL CMMs or Measuring Arms, both classical tactile probes and optical laser line sensors are already supported within the X4 software platform.

The complete solution featuring high-performance WENZEL advanced hardware and Metrologic Group software is available directly together with the measuring equipment from WENZEL Group and WENZEL Network.

Metrologic Group