Waygate Technologies introduces the new Krautkrämer USIP|xs CV. The scalable instrument platform for conventional ultrasonic (UT) inspections can be tailored to the individual requirements of fully automated or semi-automated systems and is easy to set-up and maintain. USIP|xs CV succeeds the successful Krautkrämer USIP 40 instrument, which was installed over 1,500 times around the world for reliable industrial inspection automation in quality assurance, process control, research and development or laboratory environments.

The USIP|xs CV is available in two versions, ESSENTIAL and PERFORMANCE, with a wide range of channel configurations making both scalable in performance to suit any kind of industrial application. While the ESSENTIAL line is ideal for mid-range applications, the PERFORMANCE line was designed for more demanding UT inspection use cases requiring e.g. broader transmitter voltage and bandwidth. The high-end solution is equipped with eight channels that can be operated in parallel, with a pulse repetition frequency of up to 20 kHz, allowing for a significantly higher inspection speed.

The plug-and-play platform builds on Waygate Technologies’ decades of experience as a leading manufacturer of Krautkrämer ultrasonic testing systems. It applies latest usability standards and can be equipped with a vast array of integrated diagnostic features and interface standards – including field bus – for the effective integration into automated systems. The integrated box design of the USIP|xs CV makes the instrument platform extremely easy to maintain in comparison to slot card type electronics.

Waygate Technologies