Laser scanning is quickly becoming more and more commonplace among manufacturers, regardless of industry. In recent years, laser scanning hardware and software have improved considerably, resulting in a streamlined system that can capture vast detail rapidly.

Here are reasons to adopt laser scanning in your factory today:

  1. Simplicity: Thanks to an increasingly streamlined interface, scanner operations more so resemble digital cameras than complicated machines.
  2. Movability: Laser scanners are smaller than ever before. As a result, they are easily portable, making measurement a more flexible process.
  3. Safety: Operators can easily collect data from a distance, even up to 1,000 feet away. This permits operators to information while remaining far from any hazardous machinery. Its rapid data collection also means less time on the shop floor.
  4. Speediness and Effectiveness: Operators can capture complete color scans in a matter of minutes. This helps them paint a highly accurate picture, rapidly.
  5. Produce a variety of deliverables: Once the scene has been laser scanned, various types of final products can be extracted or produced from the data. For example, anything from a traditional 2D drawing to a detailed 3D animation can be created from the scan data.
  6. Affordable: Laser scanners are becoming more and more affordable. Over the past couple of years, the cost of 3D laser scanning and the scanning process has dropped considerably.
  7. Shareable: More software tools are available to view and document the scan data without the requirement of installing software or purchasing additional licenses.