Mahr Inc., a subsidiary of the Mahr Group, has over 160 years of experience providing dimensional measurement solutions to fit customer application needs.

We manufacture and market a wide variety of dimensional metrology equipment, from simple and easy-to-use handheld gages to technically advanced measurement systems for form, contour, surface finish, length and optics. We also produce custom-designed gages and offer calibration and contract measurement services.

Our knowledgeable, experienced team has made Mahr Inc. a leader in precision measurement. We provide the tools and technology our customers need to manufacture their products with unparalleled precision, measuring to millionths of an inch. In addition to custom-engineered measurement solutions, our portfolio includes wireless micrometers and form and surface finish systems.

Mahr Inc. calibration laboratories are accredited to 1S0/IEC 17025:2005 NVLAP Lab Code 200605-0.

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