The new ECS-4 scanner is very lightweight (7 oz) and has an ergonomic form-factor with the probe exiting at a right-angle from the scanner. In addition, the ECS-4 boasts variable speed (125 – 2,250 RPM) and increased torque over UniWest’s popular ECS-1 scanner. Three buttons are within easy reach of the user’s thumb: Null, Erase and On/Off. 

The ESC-4 scanner utilizes a rotary transformer to couple eddy current signals from the probe to the instrument. Compatible instruments include the UniWest EVi, EddyView® II, EddyView® Pro and EddyView® Premium. In addition, the ECS-4 will operate on the NORTEC® 600 and NORTEC® 2000. The ECS-4 probe connector is a 4-pin Fischer connector with O-rings. Compatible probes include the following UniWest probe styles: URB, URBA, US-5000, SSB probes; as well as some competitor’s probes.