The ASQ Inspection Division has selected Benchmark Electronics, Inc. Incoming Inspection Quality Technician, Szilvia Pethes, as the 2023 Chuck Carter International Inspector of the Year. Pethes will be presented her award and duly acknowledged during the Inspection Division’s bi-annual business meeting on Saturday, May 6, 2023, in Philadelphia, PA, in conjunction with ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement.

Pethes has worked at the Benchmark facility located in Brasov, Romania since 2013. She was recently promoted to Junior Quality Engineer. Pethes’ first responsibility is to schedule and coordinate work associated with incoming material inspection. She makes certain that all Incoming inspectors are well trained with regards to acceptance criteria for each commodity required to be inspected. She is responsible for ensuring all relevant measurement instruments are calibrated and available for operator use. 

Pethes has knowledge of standard measurement techniques using common mechanical and electronic gages such as: calipers, pin gages, electronic tweezers, ring gages, color palette etc. As a requirement for Incoming Inspection, she is certified to IPC-A-600 requirements to understand and use acceptability requirements for Printed Board inspection, Pethes has demonstrated the utmost professionalism and integrity. Her loyalty, her work and steadfast commitment to improve has made her the key person within the Quality Engineering department. She has distinguished herself above others with her attention to details, she knows all of the instruments from the Incoming Inspection area, she is their trainer on quality-related topics in the ERP System (Infor LN) and she is always willing to help during any internal or external audits to demonstrate the conformance of Benchmark Brasov, Romania’s Incoming Inspection process by providing relevant evidence from the system as requested.

The Inspection Division has offered the Inspector of the Year Award since 1974. For a list of the previous award recipients, an award application, or additional information about the ASQ Inspection Division and the award visit