•    Carles Garcia will forge new partnerships and relationships to grow Finboot’s client base

•    Carles is based out of Finboot’s Barcelona office, well-positioned to develop partnerships with European capital-intensive businesses

•    His appointment re-affirms Finboot’s determination to roll-out its technology amongst the hard to decarbonise industries to accelerate the journey to net-zero

Finboot announced the appointment of Carles Garcia as its new Partnerships Lead based out of its Barcelona office.  

This strategic hire underscores Finboot's commitment to expanding its innovative green supply chain management solutions across Europe, particularly within capital-intensive industries striving for decarbonisation.  Carles Garcia will play a pivotal role in developing and nurturing partnerships in Europe, driving the adoption of Finboot’s low code/no code platform, MARCO Track & Trace. This platform is designed to trace carbon emissions, enable mass balancing and minimise supply chain risks through high-integrity data secured by blockchain technology. 

Key clients benefiting from Finboot's solutions include industry leaders such as SABIC, Repsol, Cepsa and Gestamp.

Juan Miguel Perez, CEO and Co-Founder, Finboot says, “Industries like steel, oil and gas produce around 30 per cent of global emissions and use about 37 per cent of global energy. To reach net-zero by 2050, these industries need to significantly cut their carbon footprint. Our MARCO Track & Trace solution simplifies managing sustainability in supply chains and makes it easy to comply with in-coming regulations.  

“Carles' appointment strengthens our mission to help industries achieve their sustainability goals. His expertise in sustainability and digital technology is key as we tackle supply chain risks and expand partnerships in Europe. 

“Europe is leading in the field of sustainability introducing leading edge regulations, like the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), coming into force in December, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit biodiversity loss. 

“We have recently appointed a strategic Partnerships and Alliances Adviser in the United States – Sunitha Ray – to strengthen our global reach.” 

Carles Garcia Finboot’s new Partnerships Lead added: “I am really pleased to have joined Finboot’s stellar team to increase and deepen its partnerships and help move heavy industry to a more sustainable and circular model.

“I will add value to Finboot’s partnership ecosystem by leveraging our innovative platform – MARCO – to bring benefits to our partners and their customers by accelerating progress towards their sustainability goals.  For example, a supply chain provider can connect their systems to our platform to seamlessly obtain a certified traceability along the supply chain, and in addition easily create a Digital Product Passport or a compliance certification. Other kinds of companies such as ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) consultancies and IT integrators can benefit from our platform too.

“I love to connect things - bridging the gap between business and technology.  It is clear to me the value Finboot´s platform deliver for the world.  It helps companies achieve their sustainability goals by leveraging new technology.      

“I love and value nature.  My values align with Finboot’s values and I´m very happy to be joining such a motivated and focused team.”

For more information, visit www.finboot.com.