WHITE HOUSE, TN—April 19, 2005—The days of the dedicated SPC data collector are dead. With the PC getting smaller, faster, more powerful, and less costly, many of the SPC hardware specialists have either been acquired or have gone out of business. Unfortunately for manufacturers though, the need for portable data collection equipment has all but declined.

Roving and vendor audits, machine capability studies, incoming and final inspection, and measurements on large parts, are just a few of the many needs portable data collectors now satisfy. In many cases, fragile, environmentally unprotected notebook computers have been used to pacify portable data collection requirements, all too often with tragic consequences. In situations where the data collection can be done at a PC desktop workstation, gage multiplexers are utilized to enable the use of a variety of gages. Unfortunately, this is impractical in portable applications.

The need has been justified, and can only be met with a handheld PC. The problem remains the integration of everything else into this handheld PC, while at the same time keeping the unit affordable. Manufacturers tell us they need it to be Microsoft Windows based, handheld, light, battery operated, capable of wireless networking, environmentally sealed, able to interface with gages, able to read barcodes, run SPC software, and all for under $2000.

Are they demanding the impossible? Not any longer. I&R Partners has combined all the best SPC components in order to proudly present in one unit, the new DC-9005.

The DC-9005 comes standard with the following features.

  • Intel® XScale™ PXA255 400MHz
  • Windows CE .NET Operating System
  • Pocket-sized Unit Only Weighs 12.7 oz.
  • 802.11b Wi-Fi Wireless Networking
  • SPC Data Collector Software Included
  • Interfaces Directly with Digital and RS-232 Gages
  • Built-In Barcode Scanner
  • Rugged IP54 Rated Enclosure

All of the preceding features are included in the DC-9005. There are no current options available.

To offer such a unit for only $1995 is an engineering marvel. It is time the problems of portable data collection were solved properly. At long last, the product you have needed is here. Come visit us for the grand product unveiling of the DC-9005 at the Quality Expo Booth #626.

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