Height measuring solution-editor's choice

The No. 3752 electronic height gages have a 0.380-inch liquid crystal display and an intuitive control panel. The gages are available in two sizes in ranges of 0 to 12 inches, or 300 millimeters and 0 to 24 inches, or 600 millimeters. The product has a preset button to install any reading at any position, plus the ability to assign minimum and maximum limits.

L.S. Starrett Co.
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Test monitoring and analysis software

TestWorks 4, for TestStar and FlexTest controllers, performs monotonic tests and tests with a limited number of tensile and compressive ramps. The product allows users to graphically display data during a test and compare data from different specimens during test review. With advanced test segments such as Play AVI files or Play WAV files, users can customize instructions for test operators.

MTS Systems Corp.
(800) 944-1687

Laser-based measurement system

The Labmaster Universal measures gage blocks, end standards, plain and threaded rings, pin and plug gages, ball bearings and micrometers to an uncertainty of 2 millionths of an inch. The laser-based instrument is suitable for all inside diameter and outside diameter applications with a measuring range of 0.020 inch to 14 inches. Also ideal for measuring length, pitch diameter, linear displacement and thickness, the instrument has a computer-controlled precision air-bearing slide and gaging fingers. Dimensional data can be transferred to Word, Excel or other spreadsheet software.

Pratt and Whitney Measurement Systems
(800) 371-7174

Sanitary valve

The Roto-Disc Sanitary Valve is offered in 2-inch and 2.5-inch port sizes. The valves quickly disassemble without tools. Clearances need not be adjusted upon reassembly. For temperatures up to 425 F, the valves are constructed of 304 or 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy-C or aluminum. The valves also come in sizes up to 10 inches and can be connected to mating equipment via sanitary clamps, direct welding or standard flanges.

(513) 871-2600

Electronic lock

The TouchAccess 200 is an electronic lock created to control and monitor access to hospital and emergency vehicle drug and medical supply cabinets. Individual users have an iButton key with a unique ID number programmed with entry requirements such as specific hours or days of the week. The surface-mounted lock records each entry, closure and denied entry. That information can be downloaded to a handheld organizer and transferred to a PC. If an unauthorized user attempts entry, a local alarm will sound.

(541) 758-0521 www.videx.com

Standards and regulations training

Training and consulting programs for FDA-regulated organizations to respond effectively to international standards and government regulations are offered, including ISO 9000, ISO 13485, FDA regulations and European Union Directives. The company offers a course focusing on FDA requirements for quality system regulations for the medical device industry and product safety. A risk management and risk analysis course concentrates on methodologies, such as failure mode and effect analysis, of medical devices. Another course details revisions to ISO 13485 and the changes the revisions make to a company's current system.

Excel Partnership Inc.
(203) 426-3281

Leak tester

The Sentinel M24 is a leak test instrument functioning in single- or multiple-station configurations and can manage up to four independent stations. The product has auto calibration and corrects for temperature changes. The 16- by 14- by 8-inch instrument links to Ethernet or RS232 and RS485 ports, and can also send information to PDAs or e-mail addresses.

Cincinnati Test Systems Inc.
(513) 202-5103

Vibration isolation tables

PAT series pneumatic isolation tables have low frequency isolation and self-leveling work surfaces. With a range of sizes and work-surface options, the tables are ideal for sensitive equipment in clean rooms, inspection areas and laboratories. The tables isolate footfalls and vibrations found in medical and pharmaceutical environments.

Fabreeka International Inc.
(781) 341-3655

Sharpness testing

Sharpness Testing Systems collect data in cutting tests for needle sharpness and are available for a number of ISO standard tests. The product is ideal for cutting tests where force remains at peak for short periods of time-such as a cannula's penetration of skin simulation. It includes software that can be pre-configured to specific applications. The product's integrated AFG load cell has interchangeable cartridges.

(507) 238-8253

Stereo zoom microscope

The LYNX stereo-zoom microscope produces images up to 120X on a viewing area. The product includes 6 to 40X magnification and long working distances for applications where manipulation is necessary. Digital camera options are available for the microscope.

Vision Engineering Inc.
(860) 355-3776