In 1969, the Materials Information Society (ASM) established the Fellow of the Society honor to provide recognition to members for distinguished contributions to materials science and engineering and develop a broadly based forum of technical and professional leaders to serve as advisors to the society. Following are the members recognized by their colleagues. Additional fellows may be elected to this distinguished body in subsequent years. The solicited guidance, which the fellows will provide to the board of trustees, will enhance the capability of ASM as a technical and professional society to serve the technical community of materials science and engineering in the years ahead.
    Fellow of Society honorees:

    Richard A. Blackwell
    Dr. Philip E. Bretz
    Dr. Eldon D. Case
    Dr. Leo Christodoulou
    Prof. David C. Dunand
    Diana M Essock
    Prof. William H. Hofmeister
    Ravijit Kahandal
    Dr. Jeganathan Karthikeyan
    Dr. Hugh Kerr
    Prof. Nack J. Kim
    Prof. Ashok Kumar
    Stephen E. LeBeau
    Dr. Victor D. Levin
    Prof. Zi-Kui Liu
    Dr. Dana J. Medlin
    Dr. Richard A. Neiser
    Charles E. Neu
    Henry R. Piehler
    Dr. Michael A. Rigdon
    Prof. Kamel Salama
    Dr. John Scully
    Dr. Roger Stoller
    Dilip Subramanyam
    Fred C. Yolton