BELLINGHAM, WA - Tomos Technologies Inc. has opened an Industrial CT X-Ray Scanning Center offering high resolution scanning and analysis to a broad spectrum of industries. Partnering with Imtec Inc., Tomos utilizes the “Edge” CT scanner to perform both nondestructive testing and advanced surface modeling services.

The “Edge” CT- Scanning System offers industrial X-ray Computed Tomography utilizing a micro-focus x-ray source integrated with a high resolution detector. This is supported by the powerful “FlashCT” software provides a true 3-D reconstructed image of a part.

Examples of applications include: 2-D- Digital Radiography or 3-D CT x-ray scanning as a nondestructive evaluation for: failure analysis, or detection of fine internal discontinuities like micro-porosity and fine cracks. The 3-D volumetric reconstruction can provide a sophisticated surface modeling for complex industrial parts as a RP (Rapid Prototype). These analyses create extremely useful features including gap and wall-thickness, edge comparison, geometric dimensioning and design tolerances. This powerful tool as a Reverse Engineering helps designers in different parts of industry to perform fast and accurate in-depth product and process assessment.