SOUTHINGTON, CT-For machine vision systems that integrate GigE cameras, network components, sensors and encoders, Baumer’s revolutionary GigE Trigger Device can now be used to control most functions of GigE cameras including triggering, power and acquisition of images. Using the GigE Trigger device for track and trace functions frees the PC from many general camera housekeeping responsibilities and provides faster image integration times, reducing latencies that occur with data transmission.

With eight (8) inputs, the GigE Trigger device easily integrates light barriers, encoders, sensors and actuators and processes their signals internally, triggering cameras accordingly. The GigE Trigger itself evaluates input signals and provides real-time control of additional process steps. Images are transferred to a PC and evaluated. The resulting data is returned to the trigger device for follow-up action through the eight (8) outputs that are available to control barriers or other export mechanisms and provide status messages.

The GigE Trigger device features industrial voltage level compatibility, simple DIN rail mounting and a Baumer GAPI-SDK for easy and fast system integration.

For more information on the Baumer GigE Trigger’s track and trace capabilities, contact Baumer at (800) 937-9336, via e-mail at[email protected].