COLUMBUS, OH - Please consider qualified ASNT members for the position of ASNT Secretary/Treasurer 2010-11. It is essential to have a capable member for this important role in the society in order to provide leadership and management of ASNT.

Qualification requirements for the position of ASNT Secretary/Treasurer include:
  • Shall have been a member of ASNT at least ten years;

  • Shall have five years national involvement; and,

  • Shall have been a member of the Board for at least one full term.

    Additional requirements are available here. Candidates must submit their applicant requirements to Victor L. Hernandez, 2009-2010 Selection Committee Chair, ASNT Headquarters (in care of Stephanie Dille), 1711 Arlingate Lane, P.O. Box 28518, Columbus, OH 43228-0518, and two other Selection Committee members. The 2009-10 Selection Committee roster will be posted on the ASNT Web site after the Fall Conference and will also be published in the December issue of Materials Evaluation.

    It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that their applicant requirements arrive at ASNT no later than January 8, 2010.

    For questions regarding this important position or the selection process, contact Victor L. Hernandez at (281) 899-4386 or [email protected].