Microscan Systems Inc. USA (Renton, WA), reports that it has recently expanded its Nerlite machine-vision lighting product range. The portfolio now includes approximately 300 standard lighting configurations in multiple geometries, sizes and wavelengths.

Most standard geometries of lights are now available in infrared (IR), ultraviolet (UV), blue and white wavelengths. Basic Nerlite geometries include ring lights, area arrays, bar lights, dome lights, dark field and high intensity lights. The range's speciality configurations include edge-to-edge back-lights, and Diffuse On-Axis Light (DOAL), Cloudy Day and Square Continuous Diffuse illuminators.

Microscan says that it has also optimized the product line for factory automation applications by standardizing the power supply (24 V) and industrial connections, enabling systems to operate at up to 40ºC and by using a single-point controller for any light.

The new Nerlite NL-200 lighting controller is an Ethernet-based product that can be accessed and controlled via any Internet browser. It is capable of precisely controlling light intensity, plus fast and accurate timing for strobe units used in high-speed applications.

"The updated Nerlite product line enables our customers to focus on the critical lighting requirements of their machine-vision application, such as the wavelength (color), field-of-view (size) and required geometry, to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio of acquired images," commented Dr Katsuji Takasu, product manager, Microscan.

"This means that Nerlite customers do not need to be concerned with choosing the right controller, determining the correct voltage, or picking the right connector for a successful installation."

In addition, all Nerlite machine-vision lights are based on LEDs, which have a fast response time and a long service life, are available in multiple wavelengths and have the ability to generate high-intensity light.