San Dimas, CA-CRAIC Technologies (, manufacturer of ultraviolet (UV), visible and near-infrared (NIR) microscopes and microspectrometers, designed the 20/20 FPD microspectrophotometer for colorimetry and light intensity comparison of microdisplays of all types. Able to measure the spectra on the micron scale, the 20/20 FPD can even map the color and intensity variations within a single pixel, giving manufacturers the ability to optimize their microdisplay manufacturing process.

"Many of our customers want to measure ever smaller features on flat panel displays. With our experience of spectroscopy and imaging on the micron scale, developing the 20/20 FPD was a logical step for CRAIC Technologies" says Paul Martin, president. "The 20/20 FPD allows for colorimetry, spectroscopy and imaging of small scale pixels that are common with high resolution microdisplays. It can also be configured to measure thin film thickness as well as source intensity. It can even image in the UV, visible and NIR regions."

The 20/20 FPD combines advanced microscopy and spectroscopy with sophisticated software to enable the user to measure spectra, colorimetry, light intensity and film thickness by either transmission or reflectance on the micron scale. As the smallest pixels are now on the order of 10 microns across, the 20/20 FPD provides the ability to not only measure the color and intensity of the entire display but also to compare pixel to pixel and even within a pixel. Designed for the production environment, it can incorporate automated measurement capabilities, touch screen controls, easily modified processing recipes and sophisticated data analysis tools. The ability to directly image and analyze components for contaminants with ultraviolet and near IR microscopy can also be added to this instrument.