Sonoscan® has begun shipping its new Model DF2400™ in its FACTS2™ line of C-SAM® acoustic microscopes. Key features are:Acoustic_Microscope_IN

  • 2x to 7x faster throughput than previous systems.
  • Completely automated and quickly convertible to perform full laboratory analysis.
  • Factory-friendly, with SECS-II/GEM E30 and SMEMA compatibility.
  • trays or in metal carriers are inspected by the DF2400. It also inspects lead frame strips, IGBT power modules and other components.

Throughput is doubled by incorporating two transducers and two simultaneous scanning stages which are assisted by dedicated drying areas that permit new carriers to be scanned immediately on completion of the previous scan. Throughput can be boosted at least to 7x previous rates by optimized scanning of only the critical areas of the samples.

The two inertially balanced linear motor scanners reduce vibration and achieve a scanning precision of ±0.5 microns as they drive the transducers designed and manufactured by Sonoscan across the trays to yield the fastest image acquisition times available.

In both automated and analytical modes, the DF2400 can perform reflection-mode and Thru-Scan™ mode imaging. It uses Sonoscan’s proprietary non-immersion technology to minimize water exposure, and can continuously control the quality of the water.

Running on Sonoscan’s Sonolytics™ software platform, the system includes tools such as PolyGate™, which makes acoustic images of up to 100 selected depths within a sample during a single scan.

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