MILWAUKEE, WI — ASQ is celebrating World Quality Month in November, an annual event that provides business leaders, quality professionals and consumers the opportunity to interact at quality events worldwide.

World Quality Month, in its fifth year, promotes the use of quality tools in businesses and communities and showcases improved business performance and service quality by reducing waste and producing superior products. World Quality Month calls on people who use quality tools to share stories illustrating the value of quality principles.

“World Quality Month is an opportunity to raise awareness of the global quality community and showcase its contributions on products, services and the community as a whole,” ASQ CEO William Troy said. “It’s our time to share the impact of quality, and encourage organizations worldwide to embrace quality.”

In support of World Quality Month, ASQ will soon launch an online self-assessment tool that will help organizations evaluate their culture of quality to identify strengths and opportunities that can accelerate growth and performance.

The tool is part of ASQ’s and Forbes Insights' culture of quality research conducted earlier this year that resulted in the research paper, “Culture of Quality: Accelerating Growth and Performance in the Enterprise,” which provides actionable insight into how a quality-driven culture can accelerate business performance.

ASQ also is hosting, a website dedicated to the celebration. The site, sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton and InfinityQS, includes case studies, success stories and a list of events spanning six continents.

ASQ’s Quality Progress magazine developed a quality tool personality quiz, “an informal and humorous online quiz to highlight the insight and expertise quality professionals provide, each in their own unique way.”

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