SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND AMETEK Land Instruments is celebrating the 45th anniversary of its UKAS-accredited infrared temperature calibration laboratory.

It was the first UKAS laboratory to be accredited, back in 1970 for the issue of Calibration Certificates for thermal measurements and the first to be accredited for the issue of certificates that met the requirements of ISO 17025 (calibration of equipment).

Over the past four and a half decades, the laboratory has provided temperature calibration services for industries ranging from glass, food and steel to automotive, aerospace and defense. High-temperature industry professionals trust Land Instruments’ UKAS laboratory for both Land and other manufacturers’ equipment. Land's UKAS laboratory carries out the traceable calibration of radiation thermometers over the range –10°C up to 2500°C.

With the certified lowest calibration uncertainty outside the National Physics Laboratory for temperatures above 500°C, Land is recognized as the industry leader in accuracy. The laboratory also provides a calibration and re-calibration reminder service for temperature sensors and sources including non-contact infrared pyrometers, thermal imagers and blackbodies.

“It is fantastic to celebrate our 45th anniversary. We have worked with many customers for more than 30 years. They recognize the value of partnering with an UKAS-accredited laboratory, which operates to the highest international standards," said Mick Boughton, Manager of Land Instruments’ UKAS-accredited laboratory.

“Those companies that choose to have their infrared temperature measurement equipment calibrated with us means this aspect of their production control system is fully traceable, reducing risks to the business and ensuring peace of mind. It is important that all processes which rely on accurate temperature measurement have their instruments calibrated periodically to maintain the highest quality standards.”

Land Instrument’s UKAS laboratory is run by highly experienced staff, with many having more than 30 years of experience. Among the customers that use the UKAS services include such industry leaders as Rolls-Royce and General Electric. The Land UKAS laboratory also is relied upon by the majority of the other UKAS calibration facilities in the UK to provide traceable certification of their standards and Black Body sources.

Working closely with the National Physics Laboratory over the decades, Land Instruments has acquired vast experience on non-contact temperature measurements challenges. The company also offers a consultancy service to advise customers on the best method of obtaining traceability for temperature measuring instrumentation and an emissivity determination service.

UKAS is the sole accreditation body recognised by the UK government to assess laboratories that provide calibration against internationally accepted standards. UKAS accredits laboratories against the ISO/IEC 17025 standard, which specifically evaluates the laboratories technical competence, impartiality and performance.

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