Innerspec is introducing a hardware and software upgrade for their PowerBox H, a high-power portable EMAT instrument in the market, to improve its MRUT (Medium Range UT) application. The MRUT technique uses guided waves with a typical inspection range between 0.1m (4”) and 5m (200”) to detect corrosion, cracks and discontinuities on tubes, gas lines, oil pipelines and storage tanks. This system uses Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) technology to perform fast scanning on exposed tubes and tanks as well as inspect inaccessible areas from a fixed position. With the use of higher frequencies and a shorter range, this technique detects isolated pitting and wall loss with up to 10 times better resolution than Long Range UT systems.

The upgrade includes a new patent-pending technique that incorporates an SH magnetostrictive scanner designed for circumferential inspection of pipes with heavy coatings, such as Tapecoat and tar. Together with custom software designed for the application, this technique is ideal for detection of corrosion under pipe supports (CUPS), inspection of air-to-soil interfaces and other inaccessible areas.


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