GREENSBORO, NC — J.A. King, an ISO 17025-accredited precision measurement company, acquired The Millennium Group, a South Carolina-based metrology equipment, testing, calibration and inspection company.

The purchase of The Millennium Group, which includes Millennium Precision and Data Point Technologies, expands J.A. King’s capabilities.

“The team at Millennium has extensive metrology experience, particularly in multi-sensor technologies, environmental and automotive parts testing, calibration, and measurement inspection,” said John King, CEO of J.A. King. “They are doing some really creative and innovative work that we are excited to be a part of.”

The Millennium Group represents and services all the QVI brands of products and software including OGP, RAM Optical, CCP and Kotem. QVI is a provider of vision, touch-probe, laser, and scanning metrology systems. This expertise will be helpful for J.A. King’s customers in the automotive, aerospace, and consumer product industries.

J.A. King will maintain Millennium’s separate testing facility in Greenville, SC while all of Millennium’s other operations will be merged into J.A. King’s nearby Greenville branch with immediate effect.

“With the addition of the Millennium group, we are able to provide our customers with a true strategic partner for metrology, calibration, repair, inspection and testing,” said King.

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