PALO ALTO, CA — Drishti, a new technology company that uses computer vision and deep learning to digitize human activities on the assembly line, was included in the list of "Hot Vendors" in the Hot Vendors in Digital Business Platforms, 2018 report by Aragon Research Inc.

Manufacturing leaders are under increasing pressure to drive digital transformation in order to support accelerating market demand for mass customization (“lot sizes of one”).  But the solutions that typically generate the most exploratory interest —robots, cobots, RFID, IIoT, and other advanced machine-centric solutions—often frustrate manufacturing leaders with their limited impact in production environments.

The reason for this limited impact is that machines are responsible for only a sliver of the value created in a factory. As much as 90% of manufacturing tasks are still performed by humans. Thus, machine-centric solutions are severely constrained in their ability to drive non-linear change.

Drishti is focused on driving sweeping transformation that originates with the human workforce. It uses what may be the world's first commercial application of computer vision-based action recognition to turn human-driven actions into data—continuously, non-intrusively and at scale. Drishti creates a massive new dataset that enables true digital transformation for manufacturers while simultaneously making line workers more competitive against automation.

“Humans will remain the primary driver of both value and variability on the factory floor for decades to come. True digital transformation requires manufacturers to look beyond machines to enhance and support the most central element of their operations: their human workforce,” said Dr. Prasad Akella, CEO of Drishti. “We believe that this recognition from Aragon Research reflects the fact that Drishti’s focus on extending human capability has the potential to drive sweeping improvements in productivity, quality and traceability for manufacturers.”

Recognized as an Aragon Research Hot Vendor

On its website, Aragon Research defines a Digital Business Platform as a “cornerstone technology base that supports the changing nature of business, including new digital implementations” and suggests that one consider a DBP as a “digital transformation accelerator”.

Aragon Research recognizes Hot Vendors across multiple markets annually. Read the full Aragon Research report on DBPs.

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