Phillips Precision, Inc. continues to improve manufacturing processes worldwide with its latest M5 Edge Finder™. Like the Pitbull® Clamp, Inspection Arsenal®, and Laser Arsenal® work holding solutions, inventor and owner Steve Phillips has the gift of designing simple, effective, low-cost and industry changing products.

  • With the M5 Edge Finder™:
  • Edge-find with doors open and
  • spindles off!
  • Find the center of a hole or counterbore.
  • Use effectively on all materials –even plastic.
  • Solves safety door lock issues.
  • Eliminate OSHA violations.
  • Get up close and personal.
  • Say “Goodbye” to expensive
  • spindle probes.
  • Train on equipment conveniently
  • and safely.

Simple to use:

  • With the spindle off, compress plunger on top of the work piece.
  • Move M5 Edge Finder to edge gradually until plunger drops.
  • This indicates centerline of spindle is .200” from edge. 
  • DO NOT RUN SPINDLE and be sure to move spindle up in Z, as usual.

Made from 4140 pre hardened steel, the tool has high repeatability and is very accurate at .0005”.

Phillips Precision