America Makes, driven by the National Center for Defense of Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM), is currently soliciting information supporting its mission of promoting and accelerating the development and deployment of innovative, cost-effective, energy-efficient additive manufacturing (AM) technologies to meet defense and/or commercial needs.

Since its inception, America Makes has leveraged a national collaborative ecosystem to advance the readiness level of AM technologies and invigorate the knowledge base, skills, and training available for the domestic AM supply chain. This strategy is the product of collaboration with the America Makes membership, which is comprised of representation across industry, government, and academia.   

The Request for Information (RFI): Methods and Approaches for Sustainable AM Operations, aims to better understand the current state of the AM supply chain and the opportunities, needs, and priorities which will substantiate AM sustainability and robust AM controls and operational qualification in line with the interests of the domestic AM supply chain. Information gathered through the RFI may be used for developing technical scoping requirements for future project calls, workshops, event themes, etc.

America Makes is seeking perspectives from its membership and AM supply chain stakeholders on two topic domains:

1.    Needs and priorities for the development and demonstration of sustainable AM practices and products; and

2.    Needs and priorities for the development and demonstration methods and approaches which deliver validated objective evidence to substantiate robust AM manufacturing operations (operational qualification).


Responses to the RFI are not limited to certain AM technologies, processes, or materials. The deadline to submit responses is by 5 p.m. (ET) on Friday, May 12, 2023. Respondents do not need to be an America Makes member to participate.

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