Open-source platform Viam has announced a new partnership with global robotics supplier KUKA. The collaboration will focus on the integration of Viam’s software platform with KUKA’s robotic arms through the development of a new Viam driver. The driver will provide users with advanced control and automation features, including real-time data analytics and intuitive programming interfaces. 

The driver will be unveiled at KUKA’s Connexions 2024 conference, which is set to take place from April 15-18 in Destin, Florida. Following the launch, the driver will be made available for purchase through Viam’s Modular Registry.

Viam’s decision to partner with KUKA was driven by the company’s desire to expand the accessibility of its platform, particularly within the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Through the new driver, Viam will offer multiple-language programming and hardware interoperability, enabling a wider range of engineers to work with KUKA arms. 

Viam and KUKA will also work together on a series of joint research and development projects following the driver’s initial release. The companies have not yet disclosed specific details regarding these projects.

Through the partnership, Viam and KUKA aim to help manufacturers and innovation teams drive business efficiencies and broaden the reach of KUKA robotic arms. According to Viam, the new driver will also advance smart automation and offer expanded technical capabilities for KUKA arms. 

Viam’s open-source platform is designed to simplify the building, monitoring, and data management of smart machines. The company’s software can be deployed across a range of devices, from industrial robots to IoT sensors. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with Viam and bring our customers even more powerful, adaptable, and efficient ways to extend the power of their KUKA equipment,” says Pjeter Lulgjuraj, Sales & Marketing Operations Manager at KUKA. “With Viam, engineers can now easily add smart functionality to our robotic arms, and then seamlessly update and evolve them to their unique needs.”

KUKA provides intelligent automation solutions across a range of industries, including automotive, consumer goods, and healthcare. The company has previously highlighted the importance of partnerships in driving its growth and innovation strategies.