Introducing the Triton2 – 2.5GigE SWIR cameras featuring Sony’s IMX992 and IMX993 SenSWIR sensors. These sensors deliver high-performance imaging in the short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) spectrum, boasting a resolution of 5.2 megapixels for IMX992 and 3.2 megapixels for IMX993. With a more compact pixel size of 3.45 µm (compared to 5 µm in the IMX990 and IMX991), these sensors achieve higher resolutions in a compact sensor size, enabling the use of C-mount lenses. When combined with the Triton2, these new SWIR models provide IP67 protection, active sensor alignment, robust M12 and M8 connections, Power over Ethernet, and 2.5GigE (300 MB/s) bandwidth for outstanding performance and value.

Lucid’s Atlas, Triton and Triton2 SWIR cameras are IP67, GigE Vision PoE cameras featuring wide-band and high-sensitivity Sony SenSWIR 5.2 MP IMX992, 3.2 MP IMX993, 1.3 MP IMX990, and 0.3 MP IMX991 InGaAs sensors, capable of capturing images across both visible and invisible light spectrums, and boasting miniaturized pixel sizes of 3.45µm (IMX992, IMX993) and 5µm (IMX990, IMX991). The camera’s capability of capturing on the short-wavelength infrared light spectrum opens up a world of industrial applications with greater precision in fruit inspection and sorting, packaging, IR microscopy, semiconductor inspection, material sorting and more.

Lucid provides users with 2 unique SWIR camera families. The Atlas SWIR is engineered for maximum image quality for 24/7 streaming and long exposure times. Thanks to the integrated sensor TEC, internal heatsink, and larger case size, the Atlas SWIR maintains consistent sensor temperature without the need for external heatsinks or fans. The Triton SWIR prioritizes size and weight with a lower cost to deliver an ultra compact SWIR camera. The Triton SWIR is intended for users who need flexibility to integrate it into smaller spaces and who wish to build their own heat management design for the camera.