Upright microscope

The Axioskop 2 MAT microscope meets special demands made on materials microscopy research, quality assurance and failure analysis. It provides reproducible results time after time. The unit has an improved reflected-light beam path. High-performance optics ensure ideal micrographs. In the motor-ized version, the reflector turret, z-drive, brightness control and switching mirror are automated, and the nosepiece is coded. The trinocular Ergo TV-Tube with a viewing angle of 20 degrees permits the view-ing height to be varied by 50 millimeters. EC-Epiplan-Neofluar materials objectives give the user an unrestricted ability to fully use Zeiss' exclusive new microscope techniques such as C-DIC and TIC.

The Axioskop 2 MAT is available in manual or motorized versions for reflected and transmitted light.

The motorized microscope models permit automated processes such as digital image acquisition and analysis using AxioVision software, increasing the effectiveness of quality examinations and through-put.

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Measuring projector

The HE4000 MkIII, a large-screen benchtop projector, has a 16-inch screen with an integral hood, precision crosslines and calibration markings. Fan-cooled halogen profile illumination with high and low intensity allows the user to adjust the screen lighting. Magnifications of 10X, 20X, 25X, 31.25X, 50X to 100X are available. The unit also is fitted with a choice of Quadra-Chek digital readout systems. The projector has a 10-inch by 4-inch measuring travel, a high-precision workstage with an 18.9-inch by 4.7-inch top plate and accommodates up to 55 pounds.

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The DEA PRIMA direct computer-control coordinate measuring machine (CMM) provides flexible gaging for large workpieces. The unit is available in five models ranging in size from 2,000 millimeters by 1,200 millimeters by 1,600 millimeters to 4,000 millimeters by 1,600 millimeters by 2,100 millimeters. The open-sided design and large work area facilitate automatic loading and the use of fixturing systems. The CMM can use touch-trigger probes, analog, scanning probes or noncontact laser sensors for full flexibility in meeting any data gathering and throughput requirement. The unit is built to operate on the shop floor.

Brown & Sharpe Inc.
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CMM fixturing

XTensions are lightweight aluminum extrusions used along with standard Rayco components for building a setup vertically or creating a support structure to fixture a part. The components are available in standard lengths from 6 inches to 60 inches to accommodate parts vertically. Custom lengths are available. Set up is simple with minimal tools needed to produce a rigid fixture with unrestricted probe paths.

R&R Sales and Engineering
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Data export

The ESZ 800 is designed for readings, treatment and for signal visualization. It can also be con-nected to different types of probes. The unit allows data export via RS232 serial connection for a cen-tralized surveillance of the production. It is programmable up to 32 probe channels, up to 48 I/O and up to 10 interface modules. The interface and supply modules can be drifted, making it easier to integrate closer to the measuring assembly.

Etamic Corp.
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Telecentric lens

Ideal for metrology and machine vision applications, the 0.08X MVO Telecentric Lens is free of perspective error and magnification changes within a defined depth of field. The maximum field of view is directly related to the front aperture of the telecentric lens. When coupled to a 2/3-inch format CCD, the unit offers a 4-inch horizontal field of view. Working distance ranges from 170 to 220 milli-meters and resolution is more than 45% at 40 line pairs/millimeter. The lens' telecentricity is less than 0.2 degrees over the entire working distance range and maximum distortion is less than 0.35%. The depth of field is ±105mm at F12. The f/# ranges from F6 to closed for maximum light collection. Both the aperture and focusing adjustment positions can be fixed by set screws to remain secure in high-vibration environments.

Edmund Industrial Optics Inc.
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Vision system

The ZFL Scope, a macro/micro fluorescent vision system, uses interchangeable professional fluores-cent cubes and internal focus to create an image compatible with most existing camera systems. Field of view is up to 9.2 millimeters with a 2/3-inch CCD in macro mode. The remote UV light source includes a long-life metal halide bulb. Zoom and fixed systems are available.

Aven Inc.
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Materials testing system

The MTESTWindows materials testing system for tension and compression testing is a 32-bit Win-dows application program that controls electrohydraulic and electromechanical test frames and records test results. It includes an external interface box that controls the movement of the load frame and ac-quires load, strain and deflection data. measurement accuracy exceeds ASTM standards for accuracy and repeatability. It has one encoder input channel that measures crosshead position and uses up to three analog input channels that measure load, axial and transverse strain.

Admet Inc.
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X-ray inspection

The Direct Digital Detector (DDD) series of nanofocus X-ray inspection systems features an X-ray detector with three image acquisition modes, automatic noise level reduction and a high-resolution flat panel monitor on which users can choose image sizes up to 1,888 by 1,408 pixels. The fully program-mable system is integrated into the company's graphical user interface version 2.2 that now features AVI recording and playback features and additional image processing.

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The JF-15 High Speed Scanner is designed for NDT inspections of boltholes. When coupled with the company's US-454 EddyView instrument, cable and highly sensitive rotating probes, the unit scan-ner finds indications of defect amplitude and circumferential location. The scanner has a scan rate of 1500 RPM, which assures full surface coverage at normal insertion rates.

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