Create a Lean, standardized process across all inspection equipment with Loc-N-Load™ plates and work holding from Inspection Arsenal™.  Lean practitioners testify that the design reduces the most expensive waste affecting profits – defective parts, excess motion, over production, and waiting… waiting of talented people and expensive spindles! 

Install a simple docking rail designed for your CMMs, vision system, optical comparator, or gage arm.  Standard size interlocking Loc-N-Load™ plates can then be quickly and easily moved between machines as needed. 

By fixturing on quick-swap plates, operators can change parts in and out without building and breaking down setups.  Several unique parts can be setup or multiples of the same part fixtured and programs repeated. Affordable plates can be dedicated and kept with the job box for fast, repeatable setups and are in-stock and ready for same-day shipping. Plates are sold individually or choose the pre-configured bundled systems (plates and work holding) for CMMs, gage arms, vision systems, optical comparators, and more.  

Phillips Precision, Inc.