Theia Technologies announces their new IQ Lens™ System which includes a motorized lens, motor control board, average calibration data, and software with graphical user interface (GUI). 

Theia’s motorized lenses and motor control board are designed for integration into vision systems for automation, robotics and intelligent traffic systems and use stepper motors to operate the zoom, focus, iris, and filter of the lens. Until recently, using them together required the user to develop software to translate desired engineering parameters into motor steps and motor steps into lens commands. With Theia’s new IQ Lens™ System, enhancements to both allow for quick and easy integration into the imaging system. 

Theia’s new IQ Lens™ line provides an average measured zoom/focus tracking curve and lens focal length, plus design data for distortion, aperture and relative illumination for the family. Knowing the relationship of focal length to zoom motor step position allows accurate field of view setup; best focus step to focal length position allows best focus location with minimal focus adjustment. 

The IQ Lens™ line includes software and graphical user interface (GUI) that translates engineering units like FOV or F/# into motor steps without requiring the user to look up which motor step correlates to what FOV, or which iris step equates to what F/#. The new IQ Lens™ System also works with Theia’s fully calibrated lenses. 

Theia has also launched the MCR IQ™ Motor Control Board with software and GUI to convert motor steps into machine commands that move the lens to desired positions. The board communicates via USB, UART or I2C protocols. 

Calibration data and applications are available including a royalty free license with IQ Lens™ and MCR IQ™ purchase. 

Theia Technologies